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Calculations used in the Disproof of the ACP biofuel paper.

A large number of calculations have been performed in order to determine the N2O emissions and N amounts relating to different uses of crops.

In the extended versions of the spreadsheet, Sheets C and D are extended to contain a large number of combinations of first crops/uses and following crops/uses, ending with summaries showing minimum/maximum values of N2O emissions.

The following first crops/uses form the basis for the different sets of calculations:

  • Normal agricultural uses (Agriculture);
  • Winter rapeseed for PPO/biodiesel (WRB);
  • Winter wheat for bioethanol (WWHB);
  • Winter barley for bioethanol (WBB);
  • Maize cobs for bioethanol (MCB);

Each set of calculations is performed both with straw used (straw) and with straw left in the field (nostraw).

And each set of calculations is performed both with manure stored (store) and not stored (nostore) before field application, if relevant.

The extended calculations are available as spreadsheets and as PDFs of Sheets C and D.
   The extention consists of additional pages C2/D2; when viewed in OpenOffice or PDF, the underlying actual page numbers are visible; pages 2 to 31 contain the combinations, and pages 32 to 40 contain the summaries.

Get the extended spreadsheets and/or the extended Sheets C and D as PDFs:

Calculations based upon Danish values in Sheet C and upon world average N uptake efficiency in Sheet D:

Calculations based upon Danish values in Sheet C and upon N uptake efficiencies below world average in Sheet D (lower being 3/4 and lowest being 1/2 the world average) for maize cobs (MCB-below):

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